Cenote Tours

Let’s go explore some cenotes on our Playa del Carmen cenote tours.

Relax, enjoy and immerse yourself on one of our Cenote tours. You’ll be guaranteed to have an unforgettable adventure in your lifetime.

From zip-lines to hammocks we have tours that include  canoe adventures and authentic Mayan lunches to fuel you up after all those fun activities!

Exploring riviera maya

When it comes to exploring Riviera Maya, there are two things that you definitely must do.

First, is to visit the archeological sites and second is to immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of natural beauty on a cenote tour.

We have so many tours to choose from including tours to Rio Secreto, Ecopark, and Cankah with our guides.

Eco Park

The Eco Natural Park is full of adventures, experiences, and unforgettable moments. On our guided tour you will learn about the mysteries of the ancient caves, the secrets of the Mayan jungle, and have some serious fun in its crystal clear waters.

You will never forget your experience in the cenotes of Eco Park. These underground bodies of water have been formed by rainwater eroding limestone over countless centuries.

Our experienced guides will allow you to choose from a list of cenotes in which you want to swim and snorkel. No matter which cenotes you choose to experience, you will see a new attraction and the uniqueness of each of the Cenotes.

No Cenotes have the same formation and the views are just beautiful in each of the Cenotes.

We can guarantee that you will have an amazing experience with us.


We also have our best Cenote tour in the Tankah. Tankah, which in Mayan means the center of the town due to its proximity to Tulum, it was believed that its inhabitants lived around this place.

Tankah is a safe and fun place to travel, it is surrounded by underground crystal clear waters with beautiful and unique cenotes. In this complete tour, you will also get the chance to visit 4 cenotes in the same place such as La Cueva, Cenote Pirañas, Cenote Azul, Cenote Naval.

The picturesque center of each of the cenotes is actually surrounded with gorgeous turquoise waters. The Cenote in the middle (the source of the freshwater) is marked by an area of darker water inside. The shoreline has a sandy bottom and the fresh water is mostly knee to shoulder depth, although the deep center of the cenote is definitely off-limits for swimming due to safety reasons.


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