Para depósitos y/o transferencias nacionales adjunto números de cuenta.

  • Mercado Pago (STP)

Clabe interbancaria: 646013206869344563

Turismo Channel

  • BBVA México (Bancomer)

Clabe interbancaria: 012694004616648324

Tarjeta número: 4152 3136 2037 1935

Turismo Channel

Deposits and/or international transfers attached account number

  • Bank of america

#5860 2689 3841

Swift BOFA US3N,

ABA 026009593

  • Transfer by  ZELLE:

Add contact with Email : VANE_2767@HOTMAIL.COM

On behalf of Vanessa Cardenas

 If you choose to pay with Credit Card.
We’ll send you a digital invoice with a payment link.
A photo of your ID and credit card could be required (shwoing the 4 last numbers and covering CVV numbers) to confirm the purchase.
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